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HOPE International

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Food being prepared for disaster victims. Courtesy of HOPE International, Inc.

Meeting the needs of humanity...

The ministry of Smiles of Hope is made possible and is an extension of HOPE International, Inc. We are partnered together to help meet the needs of those that are less fortunate due to lack of finances or victims of disaster. Whatever, the case may be, we are here to meet the needs of humanity.

About HOPE International

Meeting needs has been forefront of ministry through the founding of HOPE since 1993. Everyday there are new opportunities to feed, clothe, and shelter those in need. When people reach a moment in their lives, when disaster hits, they are left with hopelessness and a broken world. This is an open door for ministry to happen. A ministry investing in people translates as Hope International, Inc.

Hope International is an organization established as a channel of resources available for people in crisis. Sometimes a crisis is a powerful thirst which can be quenched as easily as a bottle of water. A crisis could be a lack of funds to send their children to school with adequate supplies, or not having the funds to feed their family.

In a natural disaster, the need accelerates and vast quantities of resources are needed to help a community hit by a tornado, an area devastated by a flash flood or hurricane, or a country digging out from the destruction of an earthquake.
Adversity comes in all degrees and to people in all walks of life. Whatever the crisis, whatever the cause, whatever the degree, we want to be there with resources sufficient to the need, to give them HOPE beyond their dismal situation. Timing is a crucial factor in the face of disaster. Hope International will be ready to meet the need at hand.

Help give HOPE to those in need.

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